16th International Conference on

Difference Equations and Applications

July 19-23, 2010, Riga, Latvia

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July 21, Wednesday





There are maps of locations

1. Riga International Airoport (Rīgas lidosta)

2. Conference venue – University of Latvia, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, 8 Zeļļu iela (in the old faculty building) (iela - eng. Street)

3. Latvian Railway Concern (LDz)

4. Maritime Park Hotel Riga – 1 Slokas iela

5. Redisson BLU Daugava Hotel – 24 Kuģu iela

6. Islande airBaltic Hotel - 20 Ķīpsalas iela

7. Primo Hotel – 62 Nometņu iela


About the Conference

The sixteenth International Conference on Difference Equations and Applications (ICDEA2010) will be held in Riga, Latvia, July 19-23, 2010. The previous conferences were held in Estoril (2009), Istanbul (2008), Lisbon (2007), Kyoto (2006), Munich (2005),  Los Angeles (2004), Brno (2003), Changsha (2002), Augsburg (2001) , Temuco (2000), Poznan (1998), Taipei (1997), Veszprem (1995), and San Antonio (1994).

The purpose of the conference is to bring together both experts and novices in the theory and applications of difference equations and discrete dynamical systems. The special emphasis of the meeting will be on the applications of difference equations in mathematical biology.

The plenary speakers will be experts chosen from the many areas of difference equations as well experts in discrete dynamical systems and their interplay with nonlinear science. Contributed talks in any area of difference equations are welcome and will be considered.

The conference will be organized by the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of University of Latvia, Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of University of Latvia, Daugavpils University and Latvian Mathematical Society. The conference will be held in the old building of Physics and Mathematics faculty (Zeļļu street 8) under the auspice of the International Society of Difference Equations (ISDE).


Email: lzalumi@latnet.lv


Last update: July 24, 2010